This is War!

Holy crud, today was dangerous. I had Josh friend and Summers friend attacking me.
Summers friend kept hitting me from behind with a wattle bottle, and Josh friend attacked me with wads of crumpled paper.

Nothing to worry about though. I had a simple retaliation plan!
1. Simply wait until Summers friend stopped thinking and take the water bottle from him. (successful)
2. Simply wait until Josh friend got tired of getting hit with pen caps and surrender. (unsuccessful)

Rather Josh friend continued hitting me with wads of paper until I retreated. I will generate a attack plan to take him down.

Now to the good stuff:
How to use school supplies as basic weapons

How to build a Pen cap gun (PCG)

1.Take one of your school books with elastic book covering.
2.Buy/Get about 20-30 pens with caps. (Maybe BIC)
3.Hide behind your backpack(s) as a small defense.
4.Open the front of your book and locate the edge of the book covering inside.
5.Push the cap of the pen on tightly. (not mega tight!)
6.Fix the inside edge of the book between the pen cap and pen.
7.Pull on the pen (not pencap) until the pencap snaps off the pen from tension in the elastic book cover.
Ramping off the front of the book, the pen cap should fire off a good 10-30 feet depending on how tightly your pencap was pushed on and the tension in the book cover. It is recommended you team up with about 1-2 friends before attempting.[experience]

How to build a small dagger

1.Buy/Get an exacto knife.
2.Duct tape the exacto knife's handle.
Stab your friend to death. This method isn't recommended though, you might get arrested or put to death! :-)

How to build a small rocket

1.Buy/Get an Arrowhead spring mountain water bottle. (It must be arrowhead)
2.Drink the water inside.
3.Screw the cap on just enough so you can still spin the cap off with just your thumb.
4.Twist the bottle about 3-4 times.
5.Keep twisted, and spin the cap off the your thumb.
6.The cap should rocket off at high speeds.
This, if done really well, can hurt alot and cause some bruising.

Now you can go beat up your friends with my ingenious designs!