Trashcan Jumping

This should probably have been yesterday's entry, but The Ugliest Thing Ever was more the day's entry.

Friday, I signed up for the Middle School Talent show. I'm showing off my dicestacking skillz.
Though, an hour or so later in math class, we had a pretty much free period, finishing with projects.
After playing some mathminton (badminton with mathbooks), we moved on to a few people playing leapfrog. This resulted into a developing sport. They began leapfrogging a nearby trashcan. Then, as if it couldn't get wierder, it got cooler. They began performing almost breakdance style skills off of the trashcan, managing to make nearly six feet of air clearing the trashcans using their hands. They could get the trash can to spin and by using counter balance, spin off the trashcan. Holy Jesús! It was crazy skills! Trying myself, I managed to injure myslef three times unable to even jump the trashcan. Then the math teacher called off the stunts and sent everyone inside. I'm going to practice at home. I considered changing my MS talent show audition to trashcan jumping, but I decided I had more dicestacking skill. I named the sport Trashcan jumping, although the trashcan jumpers decided it was all dumb in the first place and abandoned the idea.

Now, on to today.
I woke up extremely tired. I looked over at the clock and it clearly read 4:05.
At this moment I thought, "Holy crud, no wonder I'm so tired. It's four in the morning!" I decide to get up anyway. I neglect dressing and head downstairs to make a little breakfast for myself. I make it to the kitchen. Eyes still practically closed.
And whaddu you know! Grandma's cooking breakfast. I open my eyes a bit more to see what she was cooking.
A blur. There's a pot on the stove. Full of yellow and green.
I rub my eyes and notice that she making cheese and brocoli soup. For breakfast?!
I look outside and see the sun is setting!
Jesús Christi!!!
I should have read my clock better. It was 4:00 PM.

When I sleep in, it's usually until 11:00 AM.

Well, then again, I did stay up 'till 3:00 in the morning partying.
Worth the confusion, of course. :-)