Strange Dream

Once every ten thousand years a spirit comes back and it happened to be my dog. I failed to keep him in the real world long enough and I defied some prophecy and got arrested. I was forced to run through mazes as a punishment, and I deceloped a skill where I could jump the 15-foot walls. The maze-masters found out I was cheating and made me live at the top of a 1 meter by 1 meter mile high tower with a bunch of celebrities. We were fed by apples that were launched at the tower. There was some financial thing far below, and they started lauching flaming apples at us. The top of the tower lit on fire and I began to climb down. A giant panda helicopter started chopping up the tower and I just barely made it to the ground and watched it explode into a flaming panda. Then I left.

I had another dream that night also:

I inspire some dice stacking religion and preach dice stacking to the world through preaching dice. I have to reload on dice, so we stop in the middle of New Mexico, get out of the trailer, and go into the gas station. We get our preaching dice and go back to the trailer where a cop is writing on a sheet of paper. I ask, "What's wrong officer?". Then she moaned like a wookie. My dad came running at 80mph down the desert road and said really fast, "Jordan. Don't forget to clean the pool!" and kept on running onto the horizon. I then realize I'm reading a book in which I'm the protagonist. A ghost comes out of the tall grass and removes the spike between the trailer and RV which I was living in and it fell down the hill. The next five pages showed my emotions. Then I left.