Birthday... Hooray!

Yeah!!! It's the birthday for me today!!! I turned 14 on May 11, 2007 at 3:15 PM. We went on an honor roll trip today also, which happened by coincidence. We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain (We being myself, Danyell, Tyler, Brianna, and Angela). It was pretty funny, we got in line for X (roller coaster) and waited 45 minutes until Brianna and Angela were next in line when it broke down. We decided to get out of line after 15 minutes, and while we'reexiting, we see the train go into the station. We all ran back in, where this dude we were talking to gave us back our places. While waiting, I mentioned how had they not have noticed whatever error it was in the rollercoaster, they might have crashed and died, like Final Destination. Brianna started freaking out and mentioned how she wouldn't stop thinking about that all day long, and how she loved the movie. Tyler and me went on first since they were scared, and then we had to leave since the buses were leaving at 6:00PM and it was 5:30PM.

I also got soaked on the raft ride after jinxing myself, Me and Kang got a free fastpass, My pants fell down when no one was looking (whew!), they sang happy birthday at the instant I was born, Brianna dumped a cup of ice down Tylers shirt, Tyler disassembled Brianna's phone trying to reset it, and they bought me a pack of jolly ranchers. < LOL

In all it was pretty fun and exciting, the party is next weekend though.