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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Kikikttylovr (8:58:50 PM):hey!
slyguy056 (8:59:03 PM):Hey brianna
slyguy056 (8:59:09 PM):You scared me!
Kikikttylovr (9:00:15 PM):wats up?
slyguy056 (9:00:27 PM):I was just reading an article on mr. rogers
Kikikttylovr (9:00:33 PM):oooooooooo
Kikikttylovr (9:00:36 PM):sounds fun
slyguy056 (9:00:38 PM):He should've been president
slyguy056 (9:00:46 PM):thow bout you
Kikikttylovr (9:02:15 PM):nada
slyguy056 (9:02:19 PM):Did you check your email yet? I sent you a link to one of my pages, I'ts titled Alert
Kikikttylovr (9:02:27 PM):yes
slyguy056 (9:02:33 PM):lol :)
Kikikttylovr (9:02:36 PM):i don't have time to go there though
slyguy056 (9:03:20 PM):Okay be sure to check it, it's a masterpiece of javascript, kinda
slyguy056 (9:03:34 PM):and HTML but whatever
Kikikttylovr (9:03:53 PM):ok
Kikikttylovr (9:04:10 PM):i will 
slyguy056 (9:04:16 PM):btw: nice tiger
Kikikttylovr (9:04:26 PM):what
slyguy056 (9:04:37 PM):your buddy icon
Kikikttylovr (9:04:44 PM):oh! 
Kikikttylovr (9:04:46 PM):duh!
Kikikttylovr (9:04:52 PM):thanks
slyguy056 (9:05:37 PM):My speakers are maxed. It's sound like the rat from that movie in 2003 (?) I dunno
Kikikttylovr (9:05:48 PM):nice
slyguy056 (9:06:07 PM):haha, Andy is laughing at me
Kikikttylovr (9:06:15 PM):who's andy
slyguy056 (9:06:21 PM):my little brother
Kikikttylovr (9:06:23 PM):oh
slyguy056 (9:06:35 PM):he's in 4th grade, you ave sibilings?
Kikikttylovr (9:07:54 PM):no
Kikikttylovr (9:08:02 PM):i wish i did
slyguy056 (9:08:18 PM):Don't worry your not missing anything! lol
Kikikttylovr (9:08:33 PM):lol
slyguy056 (9:09:31 PM):Did you know Mr. Rogers is color blind to blue?
Kikikttylovr (9:09:42 PM):no way!
Kikikttylovr (9:09:45 PM):how cool
Kikikttylovr (9:09:49 PM):neat trivia
Kikikttylovr (9:09:56 PM)::-D
slyguy056 (9:10:33 PM):Yeah, your tiger is funny, Andy likes it. I like it too
Kikikttylovr (9:11:08 PM):tell him thank you
Kikikttylovr (9:11:26 PM):any thank you to you too
slyguy056 (9:11:41 PM):Your welcome, Andy says hi
Kikikttylovr (9:11:51 PM):hello
slyguy056 (9:12:11 PM):Hey, how did you find my AIM? did I write it in your year book? Andy: Hi
Kikikttylovr (9:12:39 PM):yes you did twice.
Kikikttylovr (9:12:44 PM):hi andy
slyguy056 (9:13:28 PM):Oh yeah! I drew a Walrus (?) and a peanut (?), right?
Kikikttylovr (9:14:07 PM):a walrus and a flaming sausage
Kikikttylovr (9:14:15 PM):very kool too
slyguy056 (9:14:49 PM):I wish I had gotten I year book, They were so darn spensive tho.
Kikikttylovr (9:15:23 PM):YOU DIDN'T GET ONE!
slyguy056 (9:15:37 PM):No I didn't have $60 bucks at the time
Kikikttylovr (9:15:47 PM):you might still be able to get one
slyguy056 (9:16:34 PM):I'm not going to get one this year, I still can't afford it, I promise to get one next year. You can enforce that. :)
slyguy056 (9:16:46 PM):tif you want, or ANdy can
Kikikttylovr (9:17:04 PM):oky doky
slyguy056 (9:17:17 PM):Andy is laughing
slyguy056 (9:17:42 PM):ANdy: Flippin sweet tiger!
slyguy056 (9:18:20 PM):He's mad at me because he wanted to put by the way at the end of the previous message but I didn't and now he's hitting me.
Kikikttylovr (9:19:08 PM):lol
slyguy056 (9:19:40 PM):Andy thinks it freaky yet at the same time similar to his own face.
Kikikttylovr (9:19:55 PM):lol:-D
slyguy056 (9:20:11 PM):andy: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
slyguy056 (9:21:15 PM)::-P
slyguy056 (9:21:25 PM):Andy is enjoying the smiles
slyguy056 (9:22:04 PM):What are u going to do now?
Kikikttylovr (9:22:33 PM)::-);-):-(:-P=-O:-*>:o:-D:-$:-!:-[O:-):-\:'(:-X8-)
Kikikttylovr (9:22:41 PM):this
slyguy056 (9:23:09 PM):andy: yes
Kikikttylovr (9:24:35 PM):are yours the same?
slyguy056 (9:25:06 PM):No they are yellow, I tried to give them Tron helmets but I didn't work.
Kikikttylovr (9:25:18 PM):lol
Kikikttylovr (9:25:38 PM):very creative though
slyguy056 (9:26:07 PM):But theey're they default setting. (?)!
Kikikttylovr (9:26:21 PM):oh
slyguy056 (9:26:36 PM):AOL is hooraying
slyguy056 (9:26:58 PM):andy: what ?
Kikikttylovr (9:27:39 PM):what, what?
slyguy056 (9:28:24 PM):Andy: Howd she get it in whatever? Just had to put that. :-)
Kikikttylovr (9:29:01 PM):what? im so confused.
slyguy056 (9:30:01 PM):HE's trying to say, Howd she get it in a different font, and he's asking me questions by typing them in the little typy box and he's hitting enter at random times. Like I said you aren't missing anything.
Kikikttylovr (9:30:17 PM):oh
Kikikttylovr (9:30:19 PM):lol
slyguy056 (9:30:57 PM):Check that lin
slyguy056 (9:31:13 PM):Ahh!! Andy hit enter at a random time!
Kikikttylovr (9:31:58 PM):what were you going to say or shall i say type?
slyguy056 (9:32:58 PM):Check that link in your email ASAP, It's... um... "hilarious" ;-)
Kikikttylovr (9:33:19 PM):i can't now but i will later.k
slyguy056 (9:33:50 PM):Okay, Andy has to go to bed. So sad... or happy. What are you going to do now?
Kikikttylovr (9:34:27 PM):um... im you.
Kikikttylovr (9:34:38 PM):but i will have to go soon
slyguy056 (9:36:08 PM):lol, I have to leave now because I need to study for finals. Before I say bye, read the whole chat session, It's hilarious. :)
Kikikttylovr (9:36:43 PM):um, k.
Kikikttylovr (9:36:48 PM):see ya
slyguy056 (9:37:28 PM):Okay, later, see you at school, btw: we need to talk behind Tyler's back soon. Well bye.
Kikikttylovr (9:37:58 PM):bye