I Graduate Today!!

8th grade graduation ceremony is today at 6:00 PM at Forest Lawn, which is a funeral home. I find that a little strange, but... I'm going to try to do a front flip on stage. Then everyone will love me. Yeah...

                                                                _  _
                                                               / \/ \
Saturday, we leave for the beach house for a week. YAYYY!!!! I \    / the beach house!
                                                                \  /

However, me and the mother-unit stay behind and I get to go to a graduation party, then we leave for the beach house at 11:00 PM.

*sigh* if I had a girlfriend I'd bring her to the beach house with me, that would be fun. Maybe even that party. :(

- - - - 11:31 PM - - - -
YAAAAYY!!!!!! I Gradumajated. I might have done the front flip, but I was gonna do it later. I'm not 8th grade anymore, and I'm not 9th either, so I'm basically nothing. Wow, how compelling.