Graduation Party and Beach House

I just had the coolest 8 days of my life. I haven't been able to update the blog since I was at SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO FOR A WEEK!!! The beach house is amazing! It's built Hasienda style and it's very open and it's built dirctly onto the beach, which means the first step outside is sand. My favorite part is the boogey boarding and sitting around the fire; can't forget falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. *sigh* Too bad that was probably the last time I woud get to visit there. I went to the beach house once in November of 2003, and the second was July of 2006, and finally, the last was June of 2007 (what I just returned from). Darn I wish I had a girlfriend to hang out wth me all summer... it's just going to be super boring as it always is. 'Cept for the ranch in colorado, can't wait for that.

Well, the first of those 8 days was spent at the regular old house, but I went to my first ever party where I was declared MVP of the Dancefloor (whatever), I spent more time talking to girls than I had ever before, I was hugged by more girls than I could've ever imagined, and was kissed by two girls at once (Maddi and Franchesca). (I just reread that sentence, and summed up, it just says 'girls, girls, girls'. lol) Well, I suppose hardly anyone in the world gets kissed by two girls at once. (except for the polygomists) One thing I really thought was strange an perverted at the party was this thing people call 'sandwhiching'. All the girls kept asking me to sandwhich with them, but I didn't because it's.. it's.. it's just wrong! It's pretty much the exact same thing as having sex on a dancefloor, standing up, with your clothes on. lol. Never have so many girls called me cute either. I wonder if that will continue to happen in 9th grade. They all though I was leaving, sao maybe they were just trying to make me feel good about myself or something, or make me remember them. I don't know. I feel like 9th grade will be good, I can't wait. Summer should be shorter.