What the Heck is a Rombi?

I had a strange dream where me and a friend were soldiers fighting in North Korea and we got captured and the leader sent us to go buy groceries, however, we escaped back to America.

They celebrated by taking us to the new Pirates of the Carribean ride with the 8th grade graduating class. There was a ride line and little furry bunnies were hopping around our legs to the front until someone opened a flood gate, thus putting the line underwater and drowning them.

I finally got on the boat, which was massive and travelled the ride using only its momentum. As our boat left the boarding station someone threw a sandwhich at it and it missed its entry ramp and collided with a fence which it obliterated. The massive boat settled in a hallway (second floor had been destroyed) and the ride operator helped us all out.

He looked about 16 or 17 and we went into a huge conversation after he saved my life when I almost slipped onto the entrance ramp just as a massive boat was coming. He explained how much fun he and his friends used to have on a rombi, which is a giant foam box with wheels on it and it's a childrens toy. Him and his friends were taking notes on the rombi.

Then I woke up, wanting a rombi because they looked so much fun.