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Saturday, July 07, 2007
Kikikttylovr (10:19:07 PM):hey jordan!
slyguy056 (10:19:23 PM):wassup?
Kikikttylovr (10:20:17 PM):um... naw i wont say anything stupid like the celling.
slyguy056 (10:20:26 PM):lo
slyguy056 (10:20:27 PM):l
slyguy056 (10:20:46 PM):remember our first IM conversation?
Kikikttylovr (10:21:05 PM):sort of
Kikikttylovr (10:21:15 PM):i've heard you posted it on your web
slyguy056 (10:21:16 PM):Tyler's mad cause I said "Okay, later, see you at school, btw: we need to talk behind Tyler's back soon. Well bye." back then
Kikikttylovr (10:21:25 PM):ik
slyguy056 (10:21:28 PM):yes I did you want me to remove it?
Kikikttylovr (10:21:32 PM):he emailed me
Kikikttylovr (10:21:37 PM):naw
slyguy056 (10:21:51 PM):I wonder why he's taking it so seriously
Kikikttylovr (10:22:04 PM):idk
Kikikttylovr (10:22:23 PM):you could put all our convos on it if you want
Kikikttylovr (10:22:32 PM):except the ones that are bad
slyguy056 (10:22:44 PM):we don't have any bad ones tho lol
slyguy056 (10:23:04 PM):whoops font messed up
Kikikttylovr (10:23:46 PM):lol
Kikikttylovr (10:24:07 PM):do you know dannyel's new im?
slyguy056 (10:24:15 PM):no, what is it?
Kikikttylovr (10:24:24 PM):idk that's y im askin'
slyguy056 (10:24:50 PM):I didn't even know he had an old IM XP
Kikikttylovr (10:25:11 PM):bbbbbbbbbbbb
Kikikttylovr (10:25:14 PM):sorry
slyguy056 (10:25:16 PM):pppppppppppp
Kikikttylovr (10:25:20 PM):my cat did that
Kikikttylovr (10:25:31 PM):he just stepped on the keyboard
slyguy056 (10:25:37 PM):ROFLMAOBBQLOL!!!!!
Kikikttylovr (10:25:44 PM):lol
Kikikttylovr (10:25:48 PM):asdfghkl;
Kikikttylovr (10:26:01 PM):so...
slyguy056 (10:26:05 PM):lol
Kikikttylovr (10:26:31 PM):i heard you canceled your party?
slyguy056 (10:26:50 PM):yes... My dad's tearing up the backyard. sad... sad...
Kikikttylovr (10:27:17 PM)::-(
Kikikttylovr (10:27:22 PM):i was so excited
slyguy056 (10:27:26 PM):me too!
slyguy056 (10:27:36 PM):I begged and begged
slyguy056 (10:28:08 PM):like a peasant in france in 1608 who's been beeging for a week for a small piece of bread
slyguy056 (10:28:21 PM):and then get's a seed of grain
Kikikttylovr (10:28:47 PM):lol
slyguy056 (10:29:00 PM):do you have a youtube?
slyguy056 (10:29:04 PM):account?
Kikikttylovr (10:29:17 PM):yeah, but i havn't been on in over a month
Kikikttylovr (10:29:23 PM):maybe not that long
Kikikttylovr (10:29:26 PM):but a while
slyguy056 (10:29:33 PM):you have any videos?
Kikikttylovr (10:29:46 PM):nope
slyguy056 (10:29:59 PM):darn!
Kikikttylovr (10:30:11 PM):so...
Kikikttylovr (10:30:25 PM):wats new with you and you know who?
slyguy056 (10:31:07 PM):absolutely nothing, I havent sen her, been able to talk to her or anything, partially becauseI haven't left my house in a while and I don't have her email
Kikikttylovr (10:31:17 PM):oh...
Kikikttylovr (10:31:24 PM):me and dannyel are great
Kikikttylovr (10:31:31 PM):sorry... im bragging
slyguy056 (10:31:49 PM):awesome, what have u done recently, plz brag it makes me interested lol
slyguy056 (10:31:59 PM):with danyell I mean
Kikikttylovr (10:32:28 PM):um... movies, talk on the phone 24/7 and oh yeah we got in our first fight
Kikikttylovr (10:32:31 PM):so sad
Kikikttylovr (10:32:41 PM):my first fight with my first boyfriend
Kikikttylovr (10:32:53 PM):i almost cried
Kikikttylovr (10:34:03 PM):it was mainly my fault tho
slyguy056 (10:34:07 PM):I feel so sorry for your relationshipIt's okay if you truly love him and he truly loves u it will all be okay these thing happen, and I talk to him if your worried he loves you more than anything I'm ssure he feels your sorrow
slyguy056 (10:34:16 PM):How could it be your fault?
Kikikttylovr (10:34:43 PM):well actually we got over it but its a long story
Kikikttylovr (10:35:07 PM):we're great now
Kikikttylovr (10:35:27 PM):i love him more than anythin'
Kikikttylovr (10:35:34 PM)::-*
slyguy056 (10:35:38 PM):good :-) , I'm sorry If I got into it to much I know it's really none of my business
Kikikttylovr (10:35:55 PM):oh its fine
Kikikttylovr (10:36:12 PM):your my friend... it your job to know these things
slyguy056 (10:36:19 PM):lol
slyguy056 (10:36:40 PM):So.. hows your volleyball been going?
Kikikttylovr (10:36:48 PM):great actually
Kikikttylovr (10:36:54 PM):im doing really good
slyguy056 (10:37:17 PM):yes are you winng and using sonic missle backkicks and stuff (just made that up)
Kikikttylovr (10:38:29 PM):uh... sure
slyguy056 (10:39:13 PM):Actually, there's this photo of a dude doing a backflip kick in volleyball, it's was the winng 'kick' also, such a crazy game I suppose
Kikikttylovr (10:39:32 PM):lol
Kikikttylovr (10:39:42 PM):i like this im convo...
Kikikttylovr (10:39:49 PM):put this on your web too
slyguy056 (10:39:55 PM):sure will!
slyguy056 (10:40:18 PM):what about your website is it all good?
Kikikttylovr (10:41:46 PM):yeah
slyguy056 (10:42:33 PM):cool
slyguy056 (10:42:36 PM):hey
slyguy056 (10:42:52 PM):Did you get my email about the email I thought of?
Kikikttylovr (10:43:06 PM):yeah
Kikikttylovr (10:43:08 PM):lol
slyguy056 (10:43:13 PM):the [email protected]?
Kikikttylovr (10:43:31 PM):i thought that was cute
slyguy056 (10:43:51 PM):I thought of it when i saw this website called del.icio.us
slyguy056 (10:44:08 PM):I figure mine could be [email protected]
slyguy056 (10:44:26 PM):andsteven rio's could be [email protected]
Kikikttylovr (10:45:08 PM):lol
slyguy056 (10:45:26 PM):whom else do you know with an a in their name?
slyguy056 (10:45:39 PM):I got one [email protected]
Kikikttylovr (10:45:51 PM):angela i guess
slyguy056 (10:46:06 PM):what's her last name?
Kikikttylovr (10:46:50 PM):gaignard
slyguy056 (10:47:16 PM):so it could be [email protected]
Kikikttylovr (10:47:45 PM):lol
slyguy056 (10:48:18 PM):Katie's could be [email protected]
Kikikttylovr (10:48:40 PM):your having a lot of fun with this huh?
slyguy056 (10:48:44 PM):yesssss.
Kikikttylovr (10:49:41 PM):lol
slyguy056 (10:50:19 PM):so.. we need a new topic
Kikikttylovr (10:53:22 PM):um... since im a girl i would say boys but i bet that wouldn't intrest you to much
slyguy056 (10:53:46 PM):yeah probably, unless I was gay, but I'm not so nope
slyguy056 (10:53:53 PM):lol
Kikikttylovr (10:54:02 PM):lol
Kikikttylovr (10:54:40 PM):im sorry but my dad is going to kill me if im iming past 11 so i g2g
Kikikttylovr (10:54:45 PM):but first...
slyguy056 (10:54:46 PM):k bye!
slyguy056 (10:54:50 PM):what?
Kikikttylovr (10:55:06 PM):i going to camp tomarrow till friday so i won't be on
Kikikttylovr (10:55:11 PM):sorry
slyguy056 (10:55:19 PM):oh man.....
slyguy056 (10:55:41 PM):well I'll see you Saturday then
slyguy056 (10:55:49 PM):or talk er hear er what ever
Kikikttylovr (10:55:49 PM):ok
Kikikttylovr (10:55:51 PM):lol
Kikikttylovr (10:55:57 PM):adios
slyguy056 (10:55:58 PM):bye, have fun!
Kikikttylovr (10:56:02 PM):thanks
Kikikttylovr (10:56:13 PM):promise me youll get out of the house
slyguy056 (10:56:23 PM):I'll try lol
Kikikttylovr (10:56:28 PM):see ya
slyguy056 (10:56:32 PM):l8r