Freakiest Night of My Life

I just had the freakiest night of my life.

I was sitting in the bathtub just.. um.. sitting, when I heard the loudest thump! I quickly got my clothes on and ran to check on everyone, who seemed to be okay. Nothing was out of place, nothing broken, no signsof forced entry.. nothing. My Grandma then declared she was hungry and politely ordered me to make her a snack. I went downstairs and locked the door on my way to the kitchen. I got her a hotdog with Doritos. She then politely stated the she prefered Lays, so she sent me down to reprepare a snack with Lays. I walked through the front entry way and.. W.. T.. F.. the door is unlocked.

Now the action began.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my awesome MP5 Airsoft gun and quickly prepared a snack for grandma and turned off the lights as I ran back upstairs where she was waiting to give me the rejected Doritos snack. Then we had a delicious picnic on her bed with the two of her chihuahuas, Motion and Brownian.

My first adventure since the party! Those aliens didn't stand a chance against my MP5.