Inside Sly's Life

It has come to my attention that I have no existing biography and I have a ton of stuff I have been intending to make digital but haven't. So, here I go.

My name is actually [EDIT] but my friends call me Sly. I am 14 years old (until I turn 15 years old). I live in America.

My thoughts on America: "Dude, America is like the coolest thing you could possibly name a country!" Thank you Amerigo Vesspuci, we applaud your parents on giving you such an awesome name and we applaud you for naming the continent before Christopher Columbus could get his grubby little mitts on it. Also, Texas rulez.

My favorite band is The Postal Service. The Postal Service is a combination of Ben Gibbards (the lead singer from Death Cab for Cutie), Jimmy Tamborello (The main man behind DNTEL and James Figurine(He does the music)), and Jenny Lewis (just does some background vocals that get left out in MP3 format so no one really cares). They invented the song "Such Great Heights (That's right MIT! They invented it! (I'm watching you too Caltech))

I'm half autistic. It sounds weird, but I am. No, my eyes are not really far apart and I'm not anti-social and I don't read (I can read), but I write (stuff).

I program in my freetime. I know HTML and I'm trying really hard to learn javascript but I'm having a hard time. Also, I'm pretty dang sure this is the only thing between me and a girlfriend.

Some say I'm [start of resume'] funny, smart, intellegent, quick witted, handsome, and sly [end of resume'], but I doubt it.

I am a NERD. Star Trek is awesome! They need, I mean, NEEEEEED a new series cause Star Trek is the dopest thing since the 56k modem. (and DOS)

I prefer large in-your-face technology rather than small, extremely innovative and functional technology. i.e. 1980s headphones are 20 times more awesome than the small pieces of crap that come with your iPod, and the older, more awesome super huge cellphones were cool even though I've never actually seen one.

Percentages of whatever is running through my head at any given moment:

(Logical Stuff)10%
(Video Games)5%
(Creative Crap)%2

Random Ramblings:
What each person in my family wants as a super power:
Dad: Time Travel
Mom: The ability to shoot EMP waves to disable electronic devices
Brother: To be a gay shapeshifter (JK)
Granny: The ability to climb and destroy tall buildings
Me: The ability to Cut Copy and Paste anything

What each person in the family picked as a custom natural disaster:
Dad: Shark Storm - a hurricane excavates all the sharks from an ocean and dumps them onto shore.
Mom: Tiny Meteors - trillions of tiny little meteors bombard the atmosphere.
Brother: Laughed so hard no one could understand him.
Granny: Gale Force Flatulation - Everyone dies from methane overdoses from farting too much.
Me: Lava Holes - Without warning (or earthquake), holes open spontaneously at any given location at any given time due to erosion by an underground lava lake.

My humor is basically described by this:

ROFL - You can't see this image
Credits go to I don't plagerise(w/e) stuff!

Also, my life time role models are Jesus and Mr. T.