What's in the Sack?


A seven year supply of canker sore treatment toothpaste. They don't sell this toothpaste on the shelves anymore and it's the only one that treats canker sores, so we got a seven year supply which should last me until I'm 21. My toothpaste supply will most likely out live my dog. That's crazy.

There's never a moment when you shouldn't be playing Jenga.

Most likely to be the new Rembrant World Hedquarters.

Dynamic shot of Rembrant World HQ.

Finger of death smashing into Rembrant World HQ.

Rembrant World HQ has been permanantly damgaged by a terroist attack.

So anyway, I'll try my best to keep all you Loiterers informed with whats new with my 7 year supply of Rembrant Canker Sore Treatment toothpaste.