Return of the School

Yeah, school started today, I've never been more excited in my life! We went through orientation, which is just an introduction to High School 'n stuff. It all felt like a dream though. It's almost as though anytime I have a good day it doesn't happen to me, just this involuntary shell of me, and I'm watching as a spectator. So, we did this scavenger hunt thing which was fun, and I figured out that Michael Sanders has rode on a dolphin (WTF?!). So technically the first day of REAL school is tomorrow. I don;t know if I just dreamt the party or what, 'cause it wasn't the same.. but then again I didn't expect school to be all flirtacious like that (btw: my second email is [email protected]). I guess I was right and everyone was just giving me goodbye wishes when I wasn't actually leaving. hmm..

School can either be awesome or suck this year, and it's slowly leaning towards suck (could turn around).