icon IM History with buddy drgmaster909

slyguy056 (8:59:35 PM):dude I just came up with something crazy!
slyguy056 (8:59:46 PM):get a piece of paper and a pencil
Drgmaster909 (9:00:09 PM):uuuhhhh
Drgmaster909 (9:00:18 PM):okay?
slyguy056 (9:00:31 PM):wait, nvm I'll just IM it to u
slyguy056 (9:00:36 PM):it's math stuff
Drgmaster909 (9:00:37 PM):kk
slyguy056 (9:00:47 PM):so a=x, k?
Drgmaster909 (9:00:55 PM):a=k, got it
Drgmaster909 (9:00:58 PM):er
Drgmaster909 (9:01:00 PM):yeah w/e
slyguy056 (9:01:08 PM):add a to both sides, a+a=x+a
slyguy056 (9:01:27 PM):or 2a=a+x
Drgmaster909 (9:01:33 PM):add a to both sides? shouldt it be subtract a?
slyguy056 (9:01:40 PM):no, add a
Drgmaster909 (9:01:40 PM):unless it was a neg. a
Drgmaster909 (9:02:00 PM):dats not right, but k
slyguy056 (9:02:20 PM):then subtract 2x from both sides, 2a-2x=a+x-2x
slyguy056 (9:02:34 PM):with me so far?
Drgmaster909 (9:02:39 PM):okay
slyguy056 (9:03:20 PM):k, that's bascially the same as 2(a-x)=a+x-2x
Drgmaster909 (9:03:33 PM):rofl, no wonder u dont have Geo
slyguy056 (9:05:11 PM):wait I'm not finished tho :-), okay, so x-2x=-x right?
Drgmaster909 (9:05:26 PM):k
slyguy056 (9:05:42 PM):therefore we got: 2(a-x)=a-x
slyguy056 (9:05:51 PM):divide by a-x
Drgmaster909 (9:05:52 PM):ookkaaaayyy
slyguy056 (9:05:57 PM):2=1?!
slyguy056 (9:06:27 PM):2 = friggin 1?!
Drgmaster909 (9:06:30 PM):ok dude, there are so many errors in that i can't even count
slyguy056 (9:06:35 PM):name them
Drgmaster909 (9:06:47 PM):becaus i like y more than a, we'll use that
Drgmaster909 (9:06:50 PM):x=y
slyguy056 (9:06:57 PM):wtfever
slyguy056 (9:06:58 PM):lol
Drgmaster909 (9:07:06 PM):'x' is positive, so we have to subtract it
Drgmaster909 (9:07:15 PM):0=y-x
slyguy056 (9:07:21 PM):exactly
Drgmaster909 (9:07:22 PM):which makes no sense
slyguy056 (9:07:35 PM):well that's only true if y=x
Drgmaster909 (9:07:45 PM):which it does
slyguy056 (9:07:57 PM):so there's no error in -=y-x
Drgmaster909 (9:07:56 PM):and then when u puleld out the distributive property otta no where
Drgmaster909 (9:08:02 PM):ok
Drgmaster909 (9:08:05 PM):but thats as fas as u can go
Drgmaster909 (9:08:20 PM):and u dont add x, cuz its positive
Drgmaster909 (9:08:26 PM):u have to subtract it
slyguy056 (9:08:29 PM):2y-2x=2(y-x) u know right?
Drgmaster909 (9:08:31 PM):and 2 does not = 1 btw
slyguy056 (9:08:36 PM):I know
slyguy056 (9:08:41 PM):but the math doesn't lie
Drgmaster909 (9:08:50 PM):but u do
slyguy056 (9:08:56 PM):ROFL
Drgmaster909 (9:09:00 PM):ok dude
Drgmaster909 (9:09:05 PM):promise me something
slyguy056 (9:09:08 PM):?
Drgmaster909 (9:09:28 PM):promise me you will never do a profession (like building space ships etc) that involves math
Drgmaster909 (9:09:31 PM):cuz if u do
Drgmaster909 (9:09:35 PM):PPL - WILL - DIE
slyguy056 (9:09:46 PM):lol cause 2=1 and I proved it lol
Drgmaster909 (9:10:02 PM):2 DOES NOT EQUAL ONE!! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!!
slyguy056 (9:10:12 PM):well where r the flaws?
Drgmaster909 (9:10:30 PM):OMFG DUDE!!
slyguy056 (9:10:35 PM):ROFL
Drgmaster909 (9:10:37 PM):kk, do the thing all over again
Drgmaster909 (9:10:38 PM):except
slyguy056 (9:10:51 PM):use y?
Drgmaster909 (9:10:55 PM):if ur gonna subtrac x, dont do "x-x=y-x"
Drgmaster909 (9:11:01 PM):cuz that makes it confusin for me
slyguy056 (9:11:07 PM):how come?
Drgmaster909 (9:11:09 PM):if u gonna subtract x
Drgmaster909 (9:11:34 PM):then just do, like this 1:"x=y" 2:"0=y-x"
Drgmaster909 (9:11:44 PM):other way just puts too many #s on the thing
slyguy056 (9:12:09 PM):well u gotta let me think this out first cause 0=y-x may screw it up, gimme a sec
Drgmaster909 (9:12:28 PM):AY SCREW WHAT UP!?!??!
slyguy056 (9:12:42 PM):the equation
Drgmaster909 (9:12:41 PM):THATS ALL THE EQUATION EQUALS!!
Drgmaster909 (9:12:49 PM):omg..
Drgmaster909 (9:12:50 PM):lol
Drgmaster909 (9:12:51 PM):okok
Drgmaster909 (9:12:52 PM):tomorrow
Drgmaster909 (9:12:59 PM):lets go ask Mrs. Wade
Drgmaster909 (9:13:05 PM):and tell her ur 'breakthru'
slyguy056 (9:13:06 PM):wait, I'm doing my math gimme a sec
Drgmaster909 (9:13:26 PM):but bring me along so i can point and laught and say "i told u so'
Drgmaster909 (9:13:30 PM):or ut ur right
Drgmaster909 (9:13:38 PM):u can point and laugh and say 'i told U so'
slyguy056 (9:14:18 PM):wait, the first step is to ADD x, not subtract it, are u crazy or something?
Drgmaster909 (9:14:28 PM):no
slyguy056 (9:14:30 PM):u subtract 2x
slyguy056 (9:14:41 PM):and add x to begin with
Drgmaster909 (9:15:15 PM):omg
Drgmaster909 (9:15:19 PM):start over
Drgmaster909 (9:15:23 PM):do the euqation
Drgmaster909 (9:15:24 PM):right now
slyguy056 (9:15:26 PM):k but I'm using a
Drgmaster909 (9:15:26 PM):gogogo!
Drgmaster909 (9:15:31 PM):ok w/e
Drgmaster909 (9:16:37 PM):well?
slyguy056 (9:16:45 PM):I'll take a pic for u
Drgmaster909 (9:16:49 PM):omfg
Drgmaster909 (9:16:54 PM):just do it here
slyguy056 (9:18:32 PM):k fine
Drgmaster909 (9:19:34 PM):oya, and plz put said equation on ur website
slyguy056 (9:20:47 PM):a=x; a+a=a+x; 2a=a+x; 2a-2x=a+x-2x; 2(a-x)=a+x-2x; 2(a-x)=a-x; (Divide by a-x) 2=1!!!!
Drgmaster909 (9:21:01 PM):O_O
Drgmaster909 (9:21:02 PM):=)
Drgmaster909 (9:21:04 PM):>=)
slyguy056 (9:21:10 PM):proof enough?
Drgmaster909 (9:21:11 PM):>=D ROFL!!!!!!
slyguy056 (9:21:25 PM):ROFL?
slyguy056 (9:21:29 PM):LOLO?
slyguy056 (9:21:53 PM):Did I convince u or something?
Drgmaster909 (9:21:57 PM):YOU ARE SO FREAKING STUPID!!!!
slyguy056 (9:22:09 PM):ROFL 2=1!
slyguy056 (9:22:15 PM):I'm telling u!
Drgmaster909 (9:22:18 PM):IF ITS POSITIVE, YOU SUBTRACT!!!! NOT ADD!!!!
Drgmaster909 (9:22:20 PM):OMG
Drgmaster909 (9:22:36 PM):ROFLROFLROFL!!!!
slyguy056 (9:22:38 PM):but it's manipulated!
slyguy056 (9:22:45 PM):you aren't solviong!
slyguy056 (9:22:50 PM):*solving
slyguy056 (9:23:08 PM):turning a=x into 2=1
slyguy056 (9:25:29 PM):yeah 2=1 is as much an equation as a=x is or 2=78578+x is!!!
Drgmaster909 (9:25:52 PM):ITS - NOT - AN - EqUaTiOn!!!!
slyguy056 (9:25:56 PM):y?
Drgmaster909 (9:26:06 PM):everything about it is false!!!!
Drgmaster909 (9:26:06 PM):lol
slyguy056 (9:26:10 PM):y?
Drgmaster909 (9:26:22 PM):omg dude
Drgmaster909 (9:26:30 PM):i ton think i can explain this to the lesser mind
slyguy056 (9:26:39 PM):0=a-x is just a simplified version of a-a=x-a
slyguy056 (9:26:52 PM):er a-x
slyguy056 (9:27:14 PM):o no it's x-a nvm
Drgmaster909 (9:27:15 PM):ROFL
Drgmaster909 (9:27:37 PM):got any more????
Drgmaster909 (9:27:49 PM):can u make 9=2- ppplllzzz???
Drgmaster909 (9:27:53 PM):ooo
Drgmaster909 (9:28:05 PM):plzplzplz put this im convo on ur website =D
slyguy056 (9:28:12 PM):okay If I can
slyguy056 (9:28:41 PM):I'll give the site a much needed update
Drgmaster909 (9:28:43 PM):show the world ur experties in the mathmatical field
Drgmaster909 (9:28:51 PM):i jsut understood ur equation
Drgmaster909 (9:28:56 PM):pfft
Drgmaster909 (9:28:59 PM):*chuckles*
slyguy056 (9:29:01 PM):lol
slyguy056 (9:29:14 PM):do u get it now or r u joking?
Drgmaster909 (9:29:20 PM):i get it
slyguy056 (9:29:28 PM):but do u believe it?
slyguy056 (9:29:36 PM):(2=1 cult, good idea)
Drgmaster909 (9:29:39 PM):... yeah... sure
slyguy056 (9:29:52 PM):Dannyel told u to humor me huh?
Drgmaster909 (9:30:19 PM):no, he said it makes sense -_-
Drgmaster909 (9:30:27 PM):then he explained to me
slyguy056 (9:30:32 PM):ROFL
Drgmaster909 (9:30:40 PM):;P
slyguy056 (9:30:44 PM):he's part of the cult too :-D
Drgmaster909 (9:30:55 PM):huh?
slyguy056 (9:31:17 PM):it's a few IMs up and says (2=1 cult, good idea)
Drgmaster909 (9:31:35 PM):o, yaya
slyguy056 (9:31:42 PM):because 2 DOES = 1 but in another dimension
Drgmaster909 (9:31:41 PM):uhh
Drgmaster909 (9:31:46 PM):he said yes
slyguy056 (9:32:00 PM):that he's in the cult? SWEET
Drgmaster909 (9:32:39 PM):=)
slyguy056 (9:33:02 PM):yeah, I'm posting this convo
Drgmaster909 (9:33:07 PM):kk
Drgmaster909 (9:33:08 PM):good
Drgmaster909 (9:33:11 PM):>=)
slyguy056 (9:33:31 PM):so are you in the 2=/1 cult or the 2=1 cult?
Drgmaster909 (9:33:46 PM):2=1 ;-)
slyguy056 (9:33:57 PM):awesome! we need more members
Drgmaster909 (9:34:08 PM):dannyel
slyguy056 (9:34:21 PM):did u tell him about the cult?
Drgmaster909 (9:34:25 PM):just put a post on ur site
slyguy056 (9:34:32 PM):k w/e
slyguy056 (9:34:56 PM):just the math part or all the stuff about band practice?
Drgmaster909 (9:34:56 PM):and ask ppl to join
slyguy056 (9:35:04 PM):by email?
slyguy056 (9:35:08 PM):good idea
Drgmaster909 (9:35:08 PM):just the math stuff
slyguy056 (9:35:12 PM):k
Drgmaster909 (9:35:26 PM):right where u said somethin bout "dude i just got soemthin awesome' or w/e
slyguy056 (9:36:04 PM):okay, I'm gonna do 2 posts I missed first, for UFC and Girlfriend stuff
Drgmaster909 (9:36:25 PM):naw, do this one first, then do those
slyguy056 (9:36:37 PM):tough. I'm an orderly person
Drgmaster909 (9:37:03 PM):k, but the sooner u get it on the net, the sooner ull get new mssgs in ur inbox
slyguy056 (9:37:18 PM):good point, but I'm an orderly person
Drgmaster909 (9:37:22 PM):naw
Drgmaster909 (9:38:08 PM):no one likes an orderly nerd :p
slyguy056 (9:38:44 PM):yeah yeah yeah
slyguy056 (9:45:29 PM):you know Nirvana?
Drgmaster909 (9:45:46 PM):no
slyguy056 (9:46:03 PM):for effing reals?
Drgmaster909 (9:46:13 PM):ive heard of it
Drgmaster909 (9:46:16 PM):but idk waht it is
slyguy056 (9:46:26 PM):WOW
slyguy056 (9:46:29 PM):OMG
slyguy056 (9:46:33 PM):$%@&%
slyguy056 (9:46:40 PM):*dies*

The equation:
     a = x
   a+a = a+x          [+a]
    2a = a+x          [a+a = 2a]
 2a-2x = a+x-2x       [-2x]
2(a-x) = a+x-2x       [distributive property]
2(a-x) = a-x          [x-2x = -x]
     2 = 1            [divide by a-x]

If you would like to join the 2=1 cult or give me ideas on organizing something for the 2=1 cult (like t-shirts or a website) email me at with the subject "2=1" (it's already programmed to auto subject so just click the link)