Band Practice

Whew awesome! We did band practice!

We warmed up the first half of band practice, and then proceeded to attempt playing "Brain Stew" by Green Day, "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes, and "Walking with A Ghost" also by the White Stripes. We intend on actually making some progress next time.

Anyway, we are still deicding on a band name, so far we have: Battery Licks, Haphazard Zero, The Flaming Pandas, Ace's High, Biohazard, Nothing Usual, Not Happenin', and Sharp Pointy Objects.

Personally, I hope it's Sharp Pointy Objects, Haphazard Zero, or Battery Licks (the rest are still really good). lol.. Battery Licks, I love that. :)

So after band practice, the band + Dannyel (spectator) went to the mall and we all saw The Comebacks which was okay, maybe 3.5/5 stars on my part. Kinda funny, but not hilarious. Then we did some shopping and looked at snowboards, which was cool.

Lastly, Peter stayed the night and we had some fun watching the youtube for 300 and just doing cool, awesome sly stuff that people do at Sly's house. We watched the 300 until five, when I crashed, and Peter stayed up his all time record late (10:15 was his latest before then, he woke up at 1:30PM)

So, conclusively, next band practice is the first Saturday in November.