Bible Class Rockout

I wrote a rock song for bible class about the four soils that represent hearts parable told by Jesus, and it was so good that Iain and Josaiah were all like "Dude, we need a rhythim guitarist and a singer." and I was like "Yah, I can do that.: and they were like "Awesome dawg." and I was like "Sweet whens band practice?" And they were like "Saturday" and then Clay (drummer who has my number) didn't end up calling me on that so I guess there probly was no band practice. So, I'm in two bands now I guess :)

So some details on this band:

Composed of four members currently (Me: vox/rhythim guitar; Josaiah: lead guitar; Iain: bass; and Clay: drums) The band is called 415 cause when the three of them did first practice they disturbed the peace under police code 415.

Peter got a little upset at me cause, well I'm not sure, maybe he's jealous that I got in two bands or something, but that's sort of a dumb thing to be jealous over so maybe it's cause he doesn't like Josaiah, Iain, and Clay. I dunno, I'll have to ask him.

Sooner or later we can do band merging stuff :D "Haphazard Zero vs. 415 Same vocalist!!!"