First Date

Wow I seriously never thought I would ever make it this far until the age of 40. Well, at least that's what everyone's always told me.

Me and Katie, and Brianna and Dannyel went on a double date to see the Eye, which, frankly, wasn't all that scary to me lol everyone else was super ultimate scared. And Katie is amazing! I like every little thing about her. :) I have no idea what exactly it is that she likes about me though. I've never really been all that much of a guy that was necessarily liked by girls. I've never had any relations with girls ever and whenever I did I creeped them out, and on top of that I'm not really all that good looking, and I'm a TOTAL nerd. Take this website for instance, pretty nerdy considering I program ever little bit of it manually. And her, everything about her is likeable! She's very pretty, smart, contemporary, funny, super cool, social. I'm not really any of those things and she still likes me.

It just friggin confuses me, but I don't think I should be complaining, she's just the best! :D