Happy Birthday Blog!

Well my blog has been around for a whole year as of today. My blog however wasn't the beginnings of Loitering.co.nr and even Loitering.co.nr wasn't the beginnings of my website. So I'll give you some chrononlogy :)

So at about mid May of 2006 I started my freewebs account and made a website titled Hikarusworld Blog where the theme of the blog was leveling up (sooo nerdy) at about late June I started the actual Loitering.co.nr website which was a poorly made media website with a normal blogspot-like blog on the front page. Then at about November or December of 2006 I added a forum which survived a little while. I started the blog that you know of now in February of 2007 and I kept the forums, unfortunately, the forum and the website were all mixed up and combined so I had to separate them. I finished that and left a link to the forums from my blog. The forums died off at about June and I took the link off, but you can still see it at http://sligh.proboards60.com. So after that I continued on with my blog and other projects and added some things to the homepage of my site (which would be the sidebar on the left. Sidebar/homepage, same thing) and I added the poll on how cool I am, which in all apparency, I'm not very cool lol and I added the Ask the Author/FAQ and improved the commenting thing along with some cool links and my accounts at other websites. And so it has been growing in blog posts since then :)

And so that's the play by play history of my website.