Today was even more exciting than the day I made the post for 07-Feb-07 (dang, over a year ago)

I was unable to find an article of green clothing this morning, so I decided a green stickynote pinned to my schoolshirt would do. It seemed fairly green to me, but in fact everyone else at school told me it was more yellow and proceeded to pinch me. So I decided to write on my stickynote:

"Can't pinch me, I'm the gingirish kid wearing a green stickynote."

I was going to write gingerbread kid but I thought that was stupid but it was too late by the time I had written it and I was left with a 'ging'. So instead of crossing it out I added an 'irish' to the end of it to spell out 'gingirish' (I promise to make a dictionary of all the words i've come up with soon).

Now the remnant of that day was Saint Patrick's Guerilla Warfare Bootcamp (abbreviated SPGWB) At SPGWB life is tough, you aren't able to be seen in public with out a nasty bruise at the end of the day, so guerilla warfare it is. At SPGWB, the other student's think you're absent you're so well hidden. At SPWGB, you learn to pinch those not wearing green while staying undercover yourself. vut in the end, you go home harder than rellytoughium, which is a recently discovered element that's really tough.

Anyhow, during my guerilla warfare tactics, I was stripped of my protective green badge and rendered vulnerable. Fortunately, it seemed as though nobody even knew it was Saint Patrick's Day cause absolutely nobody was wearing green besides the enthusiasts and Saintpatrick'sdayophiles meanign my only true pincher here was Brianna whom I had to constantly avoid through throughout the day. (Sorry Bree!)