Phonebook Destroyer

Happy Birthday to me! Well, my birthday was yesterday but the animation I made jsut couldn't wait, so I'll post for yesterday today.

So I didn't really do anything on my birthday except eat cake and rip a phonebook in half.

Wait, what was that last thing? Tear a phonebook in half? Yes you heard me right, I tore a phonebook in half with my newfound 15-year-old strengths. Yay for teenage years!

Well, I've also decided to start saving up for a car, my dad will pay half, but I realyl want a 1967 Camaro painted primer balck with the Death Proof skull on the hood. That will be sick! Can't wait for my turning sixteen. Also I remember May 11 2007, I went to Magic Mountain with my friends and we sang happy birthday at the very instant of my birth.. and there's actually a post for that. for 11MAy07.