Short Story: Climax Act I

Chapter 1: Culture Shock

A short chill came over my spine as I was emersed in water. The sun was bright, the wind was blowing, the temperature was nice. It sounds like it was summer then. My friends were all calling to me to swim over to the other end of the pool. I hesitated in doing so as I watched the leaves, and then they made fun of me cause I was crazy so I swam over to them.

So Jacob said, "Man, when's your dad going to get back from the shop?"
I replied, "I don't know, he's been gone quite a while."
"Perhaps he was in a fatal accident and won't return.."
"Shutup. Dad's fine."
"Hehe, you're so sensitive."
Alice remarked, "Quiet Jacob, Jack is so not sensitive! Well I mean, not unsensible, er.. heartless.. er.. you get what I mean!"
That was my name... Jack.
I said, "Surrre, Alice, surre."

Later on after we were all sunburnt we went inside and watched another few Star Trek episodes to chill off. The sun was less hot since it was getting sort of late and my dad was just pulling into the driveway.. in a primer black vehicle which I couldn't recognize.

I shouted, "Dad!" as I walked outside.
"Dad? woah."
No ordinary car was this one, a 1967 primer black Camaro with, of all things, the 'Death Proof' skull and crossbolts logo on the front.

"Oh my gosh! I didn't think you would seriously get it. I mean I havent even saved up-"
"Don't worry about it Jack," said my dad, "I paid for it myself."
"But it's so amazing!"
"I know, son, I know."
My 16th birthday had been something like six months ago and I was ready to drive.

Chapter 2: Another Day:

"Alice! Hop in!" said I as she ran out accross the carpool line to hop into the right side passenger seat, "To your place I presume?"
"Yes Jack, as always." She smiled at me playfully yet anxiously.
"Too cool."
I was off campus in about 10 seconds and down the street in 6.
"Geez Jack, what are you thinking???"
"You know what I'm thinking."
I turned left on the intersection with a nice clear straightaway coming into view.
"Jack, you can't do this everyday, you'll kill yourself."
"Better to burn out than fade away."
Speed was non existant at this point, just blurred geometry on both sides of me. I zoomed in on the vantage point and then pulled a manuever I had been working on for at least 6 months now. I threw on the e-brake and turned left onto another street without any friction. Well I can't say it was frictionless, infact there was alot of friction. The car turned to it's side as the wheels began to hop up and down and then to make things more intense, we were sliding into a busy street. The car came into view of the whole intersecting road as we saw car swerve to their lefts and rights trying to avoid the rogue 2 ton piece of steel nearly colliding with them. THe car slid accross the street and I let up on the gas. It slammed into the opposing curve and bounced up onto two wheel before coming down with a thud before resting. WE sat there awestruck for about a minute. I turned towards the shocked female in the passenger seat.
"Whew!! Wasn't that exciting?"
"...yyyeah!!!" She squealed while drowned in adenaline."
"Okay now to your place we go!"
I pulled off the curb quickly and sped down the road into suburban territory where I accidentally passed Alice's house twice before pulling into the driveway.
"Thanks for the drive.. stuntman." She kissed me on the cheek and shut the door softly before walking to her frontdoor and waving bye at me a last time.
I wasn't shocked by this or anything but it was just memorable, somewhat.

I drove still back to the main road where I headed on my way home. My pocket began to vibrate... still vibrating... I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked down at the screen.


Really it wasn't like Jacob to use a big word like 'mandatory'. I figured it must be fairly important. I spun my car around quickly and sped down the other way. I had been driving for about a mile before I got another text message from Alice.


I was about to send a text message back, but I looked up.
I looked up and saw another car zooming towards me, likely going at 60mph same as I was. I looked across to the drivers seat and there sat a girl of about 20. We locked in eye contact and spoke a thousand conversations in a split second. The cars inched towards eachother but I figure neither of us had enough time to hit the brakes considering that by 'inched' I mean 'in inches'. The cars front ends met, and I would've liked to have looked longer but we both closed our eyes in unison. The front ends smashed up as my engine went flying straight into her drivers seat, mangling her corpse. THe glass and metal shredded the air into ribbons as they whizzed by. My back seats came lose and hit the back of my head, smashing my face into the steeringwheel which hadn't deployed the airbag yet. As the airbag did deploy my head lifted back up to see her drivers seat above my car, flipping tens of feet into the air. I watched until glass began to hit my eyes and I stuck my foot on the brakes, which cause d the glass to go shedding into every inch of my skin. The car landed back end first and exploded, lighting my car on fire. I acted quickly and pulled the door open, I bolted out and fell into the concrete as my right leg had been obliterated, it just hung there like a sack full of rocks. I dragged myself to the opposing sidewalk as it burst into a fireball, and every bit of my life flashed before my eyes over and over and over and over.

End of Act I