Sorry I've been gone so long. Updation isn't my first priority, you know. So in summary, for my summer so far, Karla's party rocked, I went to Kansas and acted as the tinman in a Wizard of Oz play for a family reunion, I went to Huntington beach with my Aunt and Uncle and dropped my iPhone in a pool so I'm getting a new one in a week or so, I got a job working for my mom and I'm saving up for a 1979 Trans Am, I've been exercising, eating healthier, and swimming so that I won't look like a nerd or loser when I return to school, I got my hair cut pretty short so I don't have to worry about it, summer school ended so I'm doing sumemr work and solving logic puzzles, and lastly I'm designing a couple of series for my website.

Those will be a webcomic for The Diaries of an Emo Teapot, a weekly text adventure (along the same lines as the previous text adventure I posted, and an Acts of Randomness series.

The Diaries of an Emo Teapot will be about a depressed and sad teapot whom nobody loves featuring the emo teapot, his sister, Abe Lincoln, Slash, Ben Gibbard, stereotyped Tony Romo, Jar of Kurt Cobain's ashes, and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.. The weekly text adventures will be more obvious than prior and they will be astoundingly short (I've not a clue as to whether or not this will be a series or whatever.) Lastly, The Acts of Randomness will feature the family and friends doing, well, acts of randomness around Los Angeles. Some I've already thought of are walking around San Fernando in Burbank dressed in a robot suit asking for directions to the nearest docking station, driving around town asking random people on sidewalks completely unintelligelbe things, handing out printout logic puzzles on city street corners dressed as drug dealers, and acting out scenes from Pulp Fiction outside of movie theaters.

If you have anymore ideas, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box which is linked to in the lower left corner of your screen, or feel free to email me, which is also provided at the lower left corner of your screen.