I have completely failed you all.

Updation has not occured in a whole freaking


You're all like "wtf man". I know, I know. I can hear your pleas for more content. Don't not fret.

for I have returned! THE BLOG SHALL LIVE ONCE MORE.

These past six months of my high school sophomore year have been filled with action packed adventure. I will begin summarizing; forgive my clouded memory for anything that might be slightly off.

25 Dec 2008
Chirstmas was funky, I got some a distorion pedal and a chorus pedal for my stratocaster guitar and I really like them, they make my guitarin' rockin'.

01 Jan 2009
New Years day was cool, we watched that guy jump onto the Arc de Triumph replica in Las Vegas and I can't quite remember his name, but when I remember, I'll write him an apology essay for not remembering just now. Also, I won the New Year's punch chug... as always :D

?? Jan 2009
I am the chemistry master! and I've got straight A+'s for the semester! Hoo rah!

24 Jan 2009
I took Kare Lee to Winter Ball, which was OUTSTANDINGLY FUN. I rented a suit and everything! It was very expensive though. Kare left at about half way through the dance, which really sucked, but she's still on my cool list.

14 Feb 2009
Kristen Klein was my valentine! and the birthday party was really fun!

?? Mar 2009
Went to Angela's birthday party; was sweet.
Fleeting random thought: Our school has no school spirit.

(various dates) Apr 2009
April was mostly lame lame lame. I read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, which was very strange and perverted, yet highly interesting.

09 May 2009
Today I went to Karla's birthday party which was very fun; we went bowlign and then just hung out at her house. and then I had an interestingly conversation with someone.

10 May 2009
I went to my first concert today! Ryan Montez and Isaiah Tejada (two friends of mine) played on stage as Hope and the Hero. The concert was very loud hardcore music and I was very out of place. Everyone was emo and I was wearing a polo shirt. lol my ears died slightly but it was nonetheless very fun.

11 May 2009
My sixteenth birthday WOO. I still need to start my driving lessons!

12 May 2009
Note that those last three entries happened SUCCESIVELY. LAST WEEK. and I did NOT update this blog for that. For this reason I have failed.

15 May 2009
I skipped school today to hang out with Kristen, Christiana, Cheyenne, and Angela (I was the only guy) I guilt tripped everyone after they got my camera wet and then we had a water fight. hahaha

16 May 2009
BEACHDAY. Christiana, Kristen, and I went to the Santa Monica beach today! We rode all the rides on the pier and named our own 50 yard section of beach to the north of the pier Wasabi Beach. We walked to the Venice Boardwalk and bought some stuff and overall had a rebebebebellious time!

17 May 2009
and Jordan Sligh's blog is revived :)

P.S. I made this collage in January I think:

and this I made in 2008:

and this I made in January; I use it as my myspace profile picture.. oh, yah, communism is the in-thing haven't you heard? lol:

and this I think I made in 2007, maybe: