Bouncyy Ball

On Monday I helped Mr. Klein (my chemistry teacher) prep for a lab that we did today, which turned out pretty dang awesome.

We mixed some liquid latex into a vinegar/ water solution and stirred it into a lump of stuff which we formed into a ball. I would post pictures but it smelled too bad for that. lol

Also, I recently started listening to the soundtrack from the Turbo: a Power Rangers Movie, which I LOVED when I was 5 years old :) funny, some of this music is pretty dang good, and surprisingly, extremely obscure. Despite very cheesy Power Rangers themed lyrics, this one song, "Shift into Turbo" by a very old and unknown band, Fulflej, is a VERY good song, I was surprised when I got past all the nostalgia lol.

Turns out that Fulflej was actually signed to Scratchie Records, which is an independent record label established by James Iha and D'Arcy of Smashing Pumpkins, which is just about my favorite band. AND, both James and D'Arcy contributed several tracks to Fulflej on their one album.

While this conincidence between my childhood and Smashing Pumpkins seems like an instance of pure chance, it requires some speculation. Turbo was released in 1997, just two years after Smashing Pumpkins released one of their most critically acclaimed albums, "Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness" (which I have! AND IS AMAZING). Figuring that at the time of the making of the Turbo movie, most normal people were fans of Smashing Pumpkins, and that 1995 was the year James Iha and D'Arcy formed Scratchie Records, it's only safe to assume that whoever assembled the soundtrack for the Turbo movie, went looking for obscure, yet direct links to popular music. And that's just what Fulflej is: a directly related, yet relatively unknown band that plays good music.

All of which has just about nothing to do with bouncy balls.