Farewell, Joshua Chin!

Well, yesterday was one of the last days I will ever see Josh.

Josh is my long time friend since 8th grade. He's been one of my best friends through thick and thin, despite his nonchalant personality.

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I unfortunately have no pictures of him, which really sucks. All the ones I know of are on primarily Christiana's Facebook. However I do have a quite round of memories to share!

Of eighth grade, I can remember us chilling out at lunch and not talking to eachother. and then I remember me begging him to not be a lawyer cause he's too cool for that. and especially I remember the trip to San Francisco! At the very last second, Josh signed himself, me, Craig Ennis, and Josh Rosales together as a group without hardly consulting anyone. but we all had a great time and we had this pillow fight with Mr. Peterson which was really awesome, The Alcatraz tour was the greatest!

On our bus ride back to VCS from San Francisco, we crosssed over the fabled Bay Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world, and I found Josh was reading his friggin manga book instead of looking at the Bay Bridge. I, to this very day, have not understood whether he was mad at me or if he was just really into his comic book, but he did not take even a glance at the Bay Bridge.

During ninth grade I remember us having World History class together and us playing Tic Tac Toe and the hand slapping game, which, haha, he was very proud of he sharp reflexes. but we got caught and we had to copy a page of the dictionary as punishment. P.E. was a good time, we were usually partners for the various sports. I also remember him making fun of Katie and me sitting together afterschool awkwardly, which made me want to beat him up. I actually swore I would, but I didn't cause I'm cool like that. lol

Summer school after ninth grade was the best though! He sort of introduced me to Kristen and Christiana, who are two of my best friends at the moment. We had Healthy Breakfast Fridays and we messed around playing consequential spoons and such. Josh's imitation of James Bond was the greatest! I'll never forget those times.

This year was great too, we had a great time struggling in Honors English and Advanced Chemistry. haha. Apparently he was the only student in our class that actually wrote a poem every day in his poetry chapbook, but come on, really? :) We went to movies with all our friends and he helped pay for stuff and he definately assisted me in school whenever I needed it.

But this all makes me very sad because I am really going to miss my best friend. He's a very courteous, nice, smart guy with a quick wit and an inherent affinity to intellectual stuff. His turbo-personality shall remain with us though the ages.

Hope you have fun at your new school Josh! We shall miss you dearly!