Ahead of The Game

Before I begin this blogpost, let me start with yes I am aware I am a total poser and sometimes I say things to sound cool and I sound absolutely stupid and I know I sound stupid because I regret what I say. I am glad I'm becoming more extroverted, but forgive me if I go too far sometimes. A perfect example of what I am talking about was friday of the week before when I brought my guitar to school and had a jam session with Ryan Montez (who is a magnificent musician): I said one of my motivations for playing guitar is that it attracts girls. I know I sounded like a complete idiot, I meant that I enjoy that benefit of musicianship but my motivation is that music is just a fun passtime that I look into as a profession.

My idiocy sometimes blinds my words. forgive me.

Anyaway! Let me get to the point of this post today. I have been wondering for the past few hours the direction modern music is taking. and I believe I have discovered what the music of the next two decades may sound like! So, as I see it, there are three big genres of music at the moment. Those are: Rap, Indie, and Hardcore... and Alternative Rock, but that encompasses just about everything. I'm going to forget about rap because Rap and rock dont mix well on most occasions (except for stuff like Rage Against the Machine)

Some mainstream indie stuff such as Death Cab for Cutie and Vampire Weekend are becoming increasingly popular with their softer melodies and lyrically based flows. Occasional electronic elements from Alternative rock, as demonstrated in the band Tokyo Police Club and Pendulum, add for an interesting background theme. These type of bands are favorable among some emo kids, girls, and a few parents. Indie also brings the element of experimentalism, such as the subgenre Math Rock, the main feature of which is arhythmic drum beats and unconvential song structure. Indie rock is not always good but it is always interesting.

On the other hand, there is Hardocre music, which involves people flailing wildly at strings in an almost completely uncomposed manner. Screamo is a subgenre of this. Alot of emo kids and various groups enjoy this, all excluding parents. It's very hard to listen to and usually induces fit of rage in most listeners. The main feature of Hardcore is fast guitar riffs with lots of distortion.

I believe that Hardcore will ultimately culminate in something I can only imagine as "Static Rock", which will be maximum distortion as fast as humanly possible, with the distortion being so great that the only thing audible is static with a slight tone. Drumbeats will be so fast that drum machines will replace drummers in this genre. Lyrics will accompany these songs, but they will be useless as the only lyrics for every static rock song will be "ARGHAGHARHGHAH."

What I'm getting to is this: Elements of static rock will blend into indie rock, so that a new genre, which I cleverly have named "Future Alternative Rock", will have heavily distorted yet highly calculated guitar riffs with mellow beats and soft voices. This type of music will most likely be very popular and widespread. So far I have seen nothing quite like it in my one hour of research on indie and hardcore music.

Everall, I am one step ahead of this game :)

I've already partially written a future alternative rock song that I call Time Capsule, because when the kids of 2019 hear it and discover it was made ten years ago they'll be all like "WOAH, this is like a time capsule!"