NEW Comments Box

Okay, my dear readers, I require some truly serious feedback from you on this... But first an anecdote:

This website of mine,, has been quite a precious accomplishment to me. I am very satisfied in it's look and function, and I feel I designed it relatively well for having been a 13 year old at the time of its conception. The original idea behind the black-and-white/grayscale color schematic was the idea of simplicity. As some of you know, I am able to program websites, but I am a terrible at scripting, so making my own customized comments box was a bit out of the question. As such, I searched for some online and, well, I hacked them to the fullest extent to customize them to my liking.

Complicated comments boxes were just a bit too much for the site's simplistic nature. Thus I have finally found one which matches the scheme of this site and I have replaced the old comments box with this newer, simpler one. However, with simplicity come reduced functionality, so I'll leave the descive reins to my readers on whether the new comments box should stay or go.

I myself am split between the benefits of functionality and aestetics between the two comment boxes, particularly on the usage of smilies, which I am very fond of.

This whole aestetics thing just got me thinking... Do you consider the grayscale theme to be a little boring or same-old? I mean, really, I haven't changed the site's layout in over two years, and the color scheme has always been black-and-white. I don't know if I'm willing to change the layout at all, but should I change the colors?

I was thinking for a dark blue background and maybe red bordered by white? or should I just keep it as is?

I'm not sure.