Oh today was cool :)

I took my good friend Cailey Corio on a date to see Star Trek. She's such a nice girl; friends with everyone, so polite and fun, and absolutely gorgeous. Nobody could deny that they like Cailey. She's very down to Earth and unbelievably smart, although she's too modest to admit that haha. And she's one of the lead cheerleaders at Village Christian. Things went very well. She came over to my house before we left, and she met all the family (and my parents and grandma thought she was uber awesome), and then my mom drove us to the AMC 16 where we got some ice cream and just chatted about. After a while we went and bought tickets and enjoyed the movie, which she so enjoyed (Star Trek is an AMAZING film in my opinion, one of my favorites definitely) so it was cool seeing that she liked it so well. After that we hung around Burbank and ventured through the mall a bit, and then we took photos in a photo booth along San Fernando, although the machine only printed one copy, so I gave it to her.

I'm glad to say that I wasn't so nervous this time. I've had a bad history of being really stressed and nervous around girls (especially pretty girls like Cailey), but I did just fine and conversed excellently, minding my manners and treating her as best as possible. Hopefully we can arrange for a second date sometime soon, assuming I don't get to nervous to ask. haha. She's so great, I'm really happy I had the opportunity to go out with such an amazing girl. :)