Okay, so about my whole ordeal yesterday. It turns out that I have a pneumothorax. Say that five times fast. It's pronouced NU-MO-THO-RAKS. Like a mother. Basically a pneumothorax is a hole in my lung; isn't that COOL? I freaking took a deep breath and blew my lung open hahaha. So I'm telling all my friends I poked my lung open in a freak accident with a twig, and leaving then to ponder the circumstances :D Oh my, I've never had so much fun with life threatening illnesses! So the good news here is that the hole is only the size of a pinhead and only the top portion of my left lung is deflated. (In many cases, the entire lung deflates and the other one expands until it ruptures too, and then the patient can't breathe and drowns in blood) So I guess I'm pretty lucky. The hole should heal up just fine, so I'll go back to the hospital in a week or so and get a second X-Ray to check up on that.

The only thing that still has everyone thrown off is the clicking sound that comes from my heart, so the cardiologists are still going to review the echo cardiogram to figure out just what might be happening with that. My dad has an ingenious theory though; he believes that when I turn on my side, air that has leaked out of my lung into the space between my organs gets in between my lung and my heart, and my heart is sort of slapping my lung whenever it beats. That's pretty interesting, huh? I think so :) The one thing that this whole ordeal proves is that I will never be able to smoke without an extreme risk of death. Having a pneumothorax vastly increases one's chances of dying by smoking. Not that I would ever smoke, but it's just a good motivator to avoid that sort of stuff if I ever come across a situation where I have the option of smoking or not. I would say no anyway.