Talent Scout

So I was loading shopping items into the truck of my grandma's car for her since she's unable to lift mildly weighty items, and this lady walked up to my grandma and began, "You're sons are so adorable! I'm a talent scout for Disney and I think they would make for great upcoming stars like the Jonas Brothers."

Andy and I looked at each other in disbelief. Not because it was a talent scout. No, she made three major fails in her opening statement. Firstly, okay maybe Andy, but I am sixteen years old and the adjective 'adorable' coming from some one other than one of my girlfriends is unacceptable. Second, She seriously thought Andy and I were Granny's children. MAJOR fail. Thirdly, she compared us to the Jonas Brothers. There is no greater insult to a man's dignity. So we denied her like a Coke machine denies a wrinkly dollar bill.