Theodore Roosevelt

Granny drove us by the Petco to retrieve some fish food for the fishtanks today, and, as normal, Andy and I decided to check out the reptile and small furry mammal sections.

There were these cool snakes and tarantulas as well as a bunch of snapping turtles on the reptile isle. Once we had thoroughly checked them all out, we proceed to the hamster section. We looked past the albino cage where the mice all have ADHD or something, and we looked at all the guinea pigs as well. But when we turned the corner and found the hamsters, by jove, Teddy Roosevelt was in there with the hamsters!!!

Well, at least it was a hamster that looked like Teddy Roosevelt. But seriously.

I told Andy and he thought I had lost my mind and belonged in a special home for the mentally challenged, and then I told Granny and she actually thought the hamster looked like Theodore Roosevelt.

Anyway, I'm tellin you! If reincarnation isn't proven true after uncovering this undeniable evidence, it probably never will.