Dodger Game with Kristen

Today I went to a Dodger game with Kristen. it was awesome :]
Last week she invited me to go with her since her family had season tickets and her sister wasn't going to that game.
And she chose me over all her millions of other friends to go with her! So cool!

Around the third inning, the cotton candy vendor walked down the isle we were sitting next to, and I called out for him but he must have not heard so I waited until he began walking back up. I called for him and he didn't hear, so I escalated my voice and was calling out "sir excuse me!" over and over until I was practically screaming at him, but he just kept on walking! It was so scarring.

And I didn't even get my cotton candy.

Kristen and her mom were laughing hysterically, it was horrible! hahahaha Kristen's mom could hardly even look at me without laughing. But I did eventually get some cotton candy later on.

When the Kissing Cam came on, I was talking with Kristen about something when Kristen's mom turned to me and said with a disconcertingly serious face that I would have to kiss Kristen if we were on camera. I was marvelously shocked. lol Seriously! O.K. maybe if Kristen and I were dating or something, but whoooaaa hahahahaha that came from her mom while I was sitting next to her! That's the extreme!

In the end the Dodgers ended up losing the game, but it was O.K. cause we all had such a fun time :] and then the fireworks after the game were absolutely stunning! Positively the greatest fireworks I had seen since my childhood!