Tera's Pool Party

Today was great fun! I went to Tera's birthday party which was simultaneously a pool party. and it was awesome possum. Seriosuly, girls in bikinis everywhere... hahahaha jkjk :]

The pary itself was actually hosted about a week before her actual birthday and was held at her friend's house since she doesn't have a pool at hers. We all swam around and went down the slide fastened to the edge of the pool. I had a splash fight with Katie and Karla and we threw these little inflatable ball things at each other hahaha and in the end I, as always, was the victorious :].

The invitations to her party were especially interesting. She used glass bottles with invitations inside customized to look like a bottled message with sand and shells inside. The party was well sized as well, there were at least twenty people there I estimate.

I got her a $15 iTunes gift card along with this card of a puppy hahaha good times. Hopefully I'll be invited next year!