Karla's Video pt. 1

Karla Hagedohm came over to my house today seeking assistance with editing a video together for her summer Spanish class. Her camera was tape-based so I needed my dad's help extracting the footage, but through his mastermind, we got that done and I began editing the video at her instruction. We had a good time hanging out and eating pizza while various things were loading with the video :) I showed her my record collection and she showed me some of her favorite songs by her favorite artist, Daughtry. And then I tried to teach her how to solve a Rubik's Cube, but we both gave up on that pretty quickly :p haha. The video itself is unintentionally hilarious, but in a good way! hahaha.

Well, anyway, we didn't quite finish editing the video, so Karla will return tomorrow, and I believe we will finish things up :)

and then I'll put it on YouTube. muahhahaha