Kristen Comes Over

I invited Kristen to come over today to hang out with Andy and I. We had an excellent time together :) For the first hour or so, Kristen and I compared our friends on Facebook while Andy played Phantasy Star on his XBox. We talked about school and homework and how frustrating it is sometimes, and then the prospects of filming a new TAProductions film :D After a while of listening to music and just chilling out, my parents said I could take her to Tokyo Wako (a restaurant in Pasadena very similar to Benihana) which is amazing because I can't remember the last time they let me bring a friend to dinner. Surprisingly, Kristen had NEVER had any sort of Japanese food before. No rice, no shrimp, no sushi. Incredible! Regardless, I showed her how to use chop sticks and stuff, and we had shrimp and fried rice. so delicious :D She said she enjoyed the food and couldn't believe that she hadn't been to Japanese restaurant before. After we left, we drove Kristen home and said farewell. Well, Andy and I both had a great time, and I hope Kristen enjoyed her visit too. It's great having friends over! Thank you Kristen :)