Wow, I had a, ESPECIALLY crazy dream last night. I dreamt I was at home when Ryan Montez and some of his friends I didn't know came to try and rob and kill me. They had these crazy pistols that you loaded bullets into the top and shot through walls and stuff. So I ran upstairs as they were chasing me, but I made it onto the roof and disarmed one of them, pushing him off the roof. I went back inside and shot another one with the other's gun, but then out of no where Ryan came at me with a freaking hacksaw and put a huge gash in my chest. I was like "Holy crap!" and Ryan was apologizing for the whole ordeal because he really didn't want to have to use the hacksaw. So he left, and I forgave him.

I was hesitant to put this on facebook because I only recently realized that it's abnormal to have dreams about your friends, and if you do have a dream about them, you should pretty much never talk about it because it's creepy. And that's a really gay social rule because I dream about my friends all the time! So I'm putting it here since no body reads my blog anyway, and so I don't forget hahaha