Christiana's Barbecue

Christiana invited me and a bunch of her friends over to her house today to have a sort of end of summer Korean barbecue. The food was awesome :) And then we had a huge water balloon fight, which was major awesome! and then we played a weird version of hide and seek, where one person hides, but if someone finds that person, they have to hide with them. While we were playing, Kara, Kristen's sister, fell or ran into a door or something and split her elbow open really badly, but she said i didn't really hurt, which was pretty incredible considering the severity of the injury. After that, we watched some episodes of the Office, which was pretty fun although I don't really watch it. Then we played Capture the Flag and people began to have to go home cause it was getting pretty late. So we all went inside and played telephone in Christiana's living room which provided for a lot of laughs :D. Yup it was very fun, thanks Christiana! :)