I sound like Michael Cera

According to my friends, for the last two weeks since I recovered from swine flu I've just been really shy, quiet, and slightly awkward, and I sound like Michael Cera. And it's so strange cause it feels just like middle school all over again. haha.
Like seriously though, that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard of. I get sick and return to school sounding like Michael Cera. of all people.

OK, OK, he's one of my favorite actors... but, why couldn't I return sounding like, you know, Vin Diesel or something. That would've been cool.

Esabeau has been begging me to record a video of myself talking so everyone can remember me talking like Michael Cera after it wears off. Oh snap, what if it doesn't wear off? Friggin I might be sounding like an awkward teenager for the rest of my LIFE.
And since when is sounding like Michael Cera a symptom of swine flu????????

This is probably the weirdest week of my life. Sorry if I've been making you feel weird or anything, since I'm acting so weird. I can't really help it. And I know I'm kinda annoying, but please forgive me, I try not to be.

Oh, and I just read "Farewell Joshua Chin!" again and realized just how long ago the San Francisco trip was. It was really, really, really long ago. And it seems like just yesterday. And Josh isn't around school anymore to help me remember stuff like that