Andy and Angela's Birthdays

Hey everyone!

I swear I haven't forgotten all those blog posts that I've missed the last three months. In fact, I have them all written down on a piece of paper, and I'll be sure to digitize them soon enough.

Today was Andy's birthday!!! He turned thirteen, and now our parents have to deal with TWO teenagers with raging hormones! haha. but seriously. He's a teenager now, and that's crazy. Happy Birthday Andy! The unfortunate story here is that I actually missed Andy's little birthday dinner today to go to Angela Andranikian's very, very, VERY extravagant sixteenth birthday party in North Hollywood. I'm very sorry Andy, but she paid tons of money for every guest to be there and it wasn't much of a thing I could have missed.

Nonetheless, ohmylordy.

Angela's party was the most fantastic event I have ever attended, and while I haven't exactly attended much, you can still take my definition of fantastic as a very extreme one. It was amazing. Everyone dressed up very formal: there were tuxedos, dresses, corsages. It was an impressive sight. I dressed up too, although I don't have any suits or anything good enough to compare to everyone else's formal wear; I had a dress shirt, my school uniform pants, and my choir tie to wear. I hope she didn't mind me being a bit casual, but I promise it was the best I could do. Anyway, besides the people, the hall she had rented out was incredible. There were hundreds of people, it was so nerve wrecking I had to step out into the lobby for a bit to settle down. There were disco lights and a dance floor, there was a massive chandelier, there were very well set tables all around the area, there was a three story cake which was great looking (although I didn't actually get to taste it), and second amazingliest of all, was an ice sculpture carved into the shape of a 16.

First amazingliest of all was Angela herself. My Lord, she looked so pretty in this pink dress and with her hair done, it was incredible. I couldn't stop looking at her, especially since it was so different than how I knew her from school. At school, she's a very tomboyish playful person with a very strong Armenian pride. hahaha. But at this party, surrounded by all her Armenian relatives, she was seriously like a princess. I only got to say hi to her at the door.

Oh, I almost forgot, her birthday party was no ordinary fancy birthday party, it was an ARMENIAN fancy birthday party. I capitalized that on purpose. There was no English. Anywhere. Her grandma I think gave this huge speech all in Armenian, and when everyone clapped my friends and I proceeded to clap as well without any clue as to what she was saying. hahaha. And then some of Angela's cousins or such showed me how to do this Armenian dance, which was very fun.

Oh my, what an incredible cultural experience. And Angela was so into everything, it looked like she had a great time. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because the party was going until 3:00 AM and 11:30 PM was definitely late enough for me. So I missed cake and presents, and I'm very sorry, but it was very, very fun. (: