Halloween 2009

Oh baby, this was probably one of my best Halloweens ever! I can not thank Kristen enough for inviting Andy and me to go trick or treating with her. It was INSANELY fun.

So I woke up a little early today to go to the Burbank Mall with my mom to buy some stuff Halloween props. I decided to dress up as an emo kid again (I dressed up as it in 2006 & 2007 haha) so I got a pair of semi-skinny jeans at Macy's and a ton of black hair dye at Hot Topic. My mom helped me apply all the hair dye, which quickly became a huge mess haha, and then she helped me apply masquera and eyeliner to my eyes. It was so cool! Definitely better than all the years before. I was pretty legit this time. Take a look:

I embarked with Andy, whose costume was an awesome hot dog hat hahaha, over to Kristen's house, which is just a few blocks away, so we walked. Kristen, Kara, and Christiana were all dressed as nerds & geeks. But best of all had to be Nathan Fisher's costume; he was dressed as Fred Flintstone hahahaha it was hilarious. So we all went trick or treating together and earned massive amounts of candy. I'm talking MASSIVE. It was incredibly difficult to carry after three hours. Nathan and I had to stop visiting houses in order to keep our pillow cases from overflowing. People at houses kept asking me if I was even dressed up; they thought my emo outfit wasn't even a costume! lol and then when I explained it, half of them didn't even know what "emo" was. I just had to leave saying I was Adam Lambert hahaha.

Here's some pictures of my friends in costume tonight:

There was also this haunted house set up on Tujunga ave. which was ridiculously awesome. These guys had set up a whole walk through zombie thing in their backyard, and it was pretty wicked. Andy, Kara, and I walked though it by ourselves, and it was so cool cause we were right at the front of the group and we got to see everything happening. Anyway, after we finished trick or treating, we got back to Kristen's house and talked around awhile before meeting Kristen's friends, Manuela and Juan, who are two pretty dang awesome Colombians hahaha :) So we all talked about school and friends and lovelives and stuff, and then after Christiana, Manuela, and Juan left, the remnant of us played apples to apples and then we watched Vacancy on Kristen's DirectTV. I got home and realized I had a huge black stain on my collar from my black hair touching it all night and I had accidentally smeared the eyeliner all over my face hahaha. Washing out my hair was intense though; dye was eeeeeeeverywhere, it was crazy. So I had also painted my nails black, and I think I might just leave the polish on there until my nails grow them out so I don't have to get acetone everywhere and all up in my nostrils. Besides I guess it looks pretty cool.

In all it was incredibly fun and I couldn't have asked for a better Halloween! Thankyou soooo much Kristen, Christiana, Kara, Nathan, Andy, and everyone else :) I had a super awesome time!
Anyway I'm left with tons and tons of candy which I would normally be pretty excited about except that there's no way any mortal could consume so many sugary treat within any finite amount of time. sort of.