Stories By Foreign Authors

In 2007, my freshman year, the school library decided to rid itself of two whole shelves of books they deemed worthless to the students' educations. Among these books were hundreds of obscure books from the late 1800s. How in the world the school library attained these, I have no clue, but nonetheless I was astonished that they would even consider throwing away books from the nineteenth century. THEY ARE OVER A HUNDRED YEARS OLD. 100. That's INSANE. I mean, of course they're just books, but they must have some value just in their age alone. So I grabbed a book off the top of this stack of ancient literature and asked the librarian if I could buy it, to which she asked for a quarter. hahaha.

The book is called Stories By Foreign Authors and features I believe four short stories from unheard-of authors from across Europe. The book was copyrighted in 1869 and printed in 1899. Despite its incredibly old age, it's still in relatively good condition; there are no major problems besides loose pages and a defective spine. And interestingly, in probably having been in the library for the entirety of the school's existence, it has not been check out even once! And I know that the time stamp card is old because it reads "A fine of TWO CENTS will be charged for each day the book is kept over time." Seriously, TWO CENTS PER DAY LATE? Come on, I'm not made of money.

Anyway, I made a bold maneuver in my usage of technology, and I took the liberty of completely digitizing the first few pages and one of the short stories for your enjoyments.

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