Bible Project and Choir Concert

Today was intense. I set my alarm last night to wake me up at 9:30 A.M. so I could make it on time to my very first choir concert at 10:30 A.M. O.K., well, I didn't actually set it. um, I kinda forgot to. So my mom ended up waking me up at 10:30 A.M., and in a frantic yet, undoubtedly graceful five minutes, she and I were already well on our way to the Emmanuel Church in our neighborhood. LUCKILY, 10:30 was just the call time, and in addition the actual performance (scheduled at 11:00 A.M.) was delayed a whopping TWENTY MINUTES cause the old folks just weren't ready or something. haha

Oh yeah, we sang for a ton of senile old people. and while our singing itself wasn't quite our best ever, none of them could probably hear us anyway. hahahaha. Seriously, these old people were about as senile as old people can get. and half of them were wearing marijuana advocacy shirts and hats. wtf. The performance itself went pretty well although the choir was a little pitchy. The best part was Mr. Barnts' keyboard which decided to quit midway through one of the songs. It was pretty daaaaaang hilarious. and THEN, hahaha, this is the worst, I kept having to sneeze throughout the entire hour long performance, so while singing at the top of my lungs I was persistantly squinting and attempting to prevent myself from sneezing at all costs. How embarrrassing!

Okay enough about me. Sweet mother, my school has some amazing singers. All three soloists did awesomely, I'm not even joking. Maggie is a natural singer and soloist, but Kayla, whom I hadn't the slightest clue is an amazing singer, is an amazing singer. hahaha I'm finding that people surprise me when I'm around them.

So, after completing my first choir concert successfully, I went home and prepared myself for shooting a Bible class video project with my group members, Angela, Naomi, Cheyenne, and Juliana. Everyone met at my house first, and due to some complication or I'm not really sure, Angela's awesome cousin Arax (whose name, for the life of me, I cannot pronounce correctly) tagged along for the trip and got to shoot the video with us. While they were meeting at my house my grandma showed them Charlie the parrot who chose to be shy, but they were nonetheless entertained. My mom drove us all down to the AMC 16 in Burbank and we began asking people questions on camera about who they thought Jesus is and what their beliefs were about miracles.

By happenstance we picked the perfect day to shoot the video because all of San Fernando ave. was blocked off for an art festival, and you know that where there's art festivals there are lunatics with crazy religious beliefs. For instance, this one girl we stopped and asked for an interview, and we knew she was high off her mind when she said "I thought you were gonna ask me for drugs." Trying not to laugh, she told us she believed Jesus has magical spirit homies and some very, very strange things like that. hahahaha Later on, we nearly made it our mission to find a willing Armenian for Angela to interview in Armenian. We thought we could have her translate the video for me later so I could add subtitles, and Mr. Gardner would give us more credits for being culturally diverse.

Anyway, I should have this video edited and completed very soon, and I'll probably post it here. I think a quarter of the interviewees chose to not have their face shown out of fear that it would be posted on the internet, but we assured them it would only be shown in our Bible class. and still they insisted. Still. How sketchy can someone be to not have their face shown in a Bible class. These aren't characters from CSI that are going to determine that you commited tax fraud in '86 by the way you wrinkle your forehead. just a bunch of spiritually confused teenagers. forreaaaal