Friday the 13th

Muah ha ha ha ha ha.

Okay sorry that was lame. If I had any bad luck today, it was that I've been sneezing like a person that's allergic to cats, like, in a room with a cat. So I didn't really have any bad luck. but CONFOUNDIT I can sure tell you who did.

Tim Righettini.

Oh boy, this was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Today in AP Biology Mr. Klein introduced us to Drosophila, a type of fruit fly that we'll be doing experiments on for the next few months, and showed us how to separate the Drosophila eggs from the flies. So he allotted each lab group a vile containing about 20 flies each that had already bred and laid eggs. So he needed us to separate the flies from the eggs so the first generation doesn't cross breed with the second generation, cause that's just sick.

The method that Mr. Klein showed us how to do this separation is by placing a funnel upside down over the top of the vile containing flies, with an empty vile upside down over the spout of the funnel. This allows the flies to fly up into the empty vile. Then he turned the whole apparatus upside down (with the new vile containing drosophila on the bottom), hit the vile a few times against the table to keep drosophila at the bottom, and, with one swift motion, he removed the funnel and vile containing only eggs and but capped the vile wit flies with a foam cork. It was impressive. So Tim tried.

Take note that Tim is a a smart guy, but he's not exactly the most coordinated person in the world, if you catch my drift. He got to the step where where he had to flip the apparatus over and quickly cap the vile with flies. In one jolt of action, he intentionally launched the egg containing vile and funnel across the table trying to be as quick as possible, fumbled for the foam cork, and plugged the vile just in time for six flies to escape. And then they were everywhere. And eggs looked like they had spread all over someone's lab worksheet.

Oh my gosh, and Tim's nonchalance was the best part. He pretended like nothing even happened! Shunt and I were just laughing hysterically, like I seriously couldn't even breathe; it was insanely hilarious. Everyone was looking over to see what had happened like he had dropped something but, haha, nope, he did all that according to plan.

hahahahaha oh man, I will never be able to describe to you in words just how funny it was. It was worthy of an award. It was worthy of an extinct dinosaur species in its name. Seriously. Thank you Tim for being in my AP Biology class. Thank you so much. You rule man.