Do you know what I want to be?

a polyglot.

That's just a snazzay word for someone that knows a plethora of languages with a relatively high degree of comprehension. I just love languages! They're amazing. There's so much intricacy within them, and some have writing systems other than Latin! Incredible! I wish so badly that I could be fluent in some other language; you know, it's like you're part of it when you speak it. It's almost like you're somebody else. It's just a really cool feeling. When ever someone calls me I always answer with "Zdravstvooy!" which is Russian for hello. Or I say Namaskar, which is Nepali for hello, or something. It's just fun and awesome :)

I don't know though, some people are just naturally better at learning languages than others. Like you know that guy that knows like 65 languages fluently? He actually does. The unfortunate juxtaposition I'm trying to make here is that I've been taking Spanish as a class in school for three years, and so far I'm nowhere near fluency. Then again, I've never exactly been very excited about Spanish though. Probably because I don't really have any friends that speak Spanish and the culture has just never clicked with me.

Along those lines, you know what languages I would really like to learn? Armenian and Korean. Those cultures just really get to me, Armenian especially. And half my friends speak one or the other haha.

I've got a list of languages. Let's see.. if ever possible, I would learn

Haha that's not too many right? Well I am certainly not destined to be any sort of linguist, and learning even one of these is not likely to occur anytime soon. I can hope, right? Maybe if I put one of those language tapes under my pillow I'll be fluent in the morning