2012: The Movie

Can I just say this? WOW. OMG. This movie. was. incredible. From the jaw-dropping destruction to the suspensful.. uh.. suspense, hot diggity, 2012 is a good movie.

Today I met up with Brianna Shannon and Christiana at the Americana in Glendale for a small dinner at the Cheesecake Factory there and to see the movie with them. Christiana had to write a 2012 film review for the Campus Chronicle due to all the hype surrounding the movie, and she didn't want to watch it by herself so she invited Brianna and me. We were all pretty stoked for the movie when we met up at the Cheesecake Factory, we talked about how good we heard it was and stuff of that sort. After we got our table I ordered pizza and the girls ordered pasta, and after that we had some awesome buttercup cheesecake, which was delectable.

I was impressed with the Americana itself. My Lord, it was huge. and awesome. It's like a mall but it's all outdoors. I don't believe I've ever seen more people condensed into one location prior to then. and it was so cool! There were shops everywhere and everything was all Christmasy and bright. The best decoration definitely had to be the massive christmas tree in the middle of the mall, it must've been at least 25 meters tall.

Then we made our way to the theater and were unable to find three consecutive seats but we eventually managed by politely asking a few viewers to relocate across one seat.

The movie was intense though; the CGI was incredibly good, I've never seen anything with nearly as good effects as that.and the plot was ingenious. I loved it!

Brianna and Christiana thought it was okay, you know. just okay. I was a little dissappointed they didn't like it so much, but I suppose I can understand. They both thought the CGI was cheesy and the movie was like watching a video game, but I know they aren't much the type to have watched alot of CGI films like 2012 (such as Independence Day and King Kong). I'm not really sure though. And then Christiana decided that she hated the movie, and she's going to be reflecting that heavily in her Campus Chronicle film review coming up in December. Oh well, it was still fun. haha

Some pictures: