Interesting People

I just got back from my mom's office where she works, and I had quite a few interesting experiences there. So about two hours earlier I was just sitting around at home, and she asked me to go with her so she could pick up some charts and do some blood-draws, and she needed protection because she was scared to go alone. So, I didn't have anything better to do, and she had a good point cause yah cain't trust nobuhdy 'round deez pahrts. It was my duty to watch her back.

So at the office she had two patients in separate studies staying the night in some beds they set up because they had to stay to be monitored after receiving some doses of one of the drugs their testing. (You see, my mom works at a Phase-One Clinical Research Site and they perform human experiments under strict protocol with the drugs, which are provided by varying drug companies like Pfizer and such)

These two patients staying the night happened to be Rico Devereaux, a Hollywood actor, and, oh my gosh, Stephen Toupin, overwatcher and commander of basically everything at Jet Propulsion Labs.

As soon as I realized who Stephen Toupin was, I went off on a tangent asking him about CalTech and JPL and the current and past project he's worked on and physics and the work involved and everything. He was marvelled at my enthusiasm, since most people are more scared off by his high ranking status at the ultimate sciience center of the world, which IO will never be able to understand. and, in possibly the most holy-ultimate few seconds of my younger life, Stephen Toupin gave me his email address and promised to forward me the JPL Internal Newsletter. The INTERNAL/EXCLUSIVE/ONLY INSIDE EYES SEE THIS CRAP type stuff. Holy moly!!! I am probably going to scream when he sends it to me. LML

So, as well as Stephen Toupin, I met Rico Devereaux, a very large black guy that could easily pass off as an NFL player. In fact, in one of his commercial acting jobs he was a football player in a NFL advertisement. For sho, Rico is a seriously awesome guy! We got to talking and he was shwoing me pictures of his trip to a Cowboys game in the new stadium in Dallas, Texas, and he asked me if I played ball. I said I never really was able to because of my bad asthma and he said I should go to a batting cage to get good at baseball. haha Isn't that awesome? I tihnk I might actually try it, I've never been to a batting cage before, and it looks pretty fun. Why not? You know? haha.

He is probably the funniest guy I have ever met, all through my mom and I's visit, he kept remarking about how some of the stuff we were doing "must be a White thing." hahahahaha. and him and Stephen talking about Obama was hilarious. Stephen kept implying that Rico was a supporter of President Obama, but Rico is actually a conservative Republican, so they were volleying back and forth on that.

If I could replay it to you, I definitely would because it was that funny, but I'm sure you can imagine what I'm talking about. haha

There are some interesting people out there, I must saaaay.