The Road and 2012

My mom, Andy, and I trekked to the movie theater and saw 2012 and then The Road.

Just as before, 2012 was absolutely fantastic, and both Andy and my mom thought so. and after that movie, which was the 2:50 showing, we adventured about the Burbank mall and made our way to seeing The Road at 7:40. The Road was pretty intense.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland ravaged by nuclear bombs or ash or something I'm not sure, a father and his son have to survive along this road by finding bugs and such and they must fend off cannibals and the like and eventually the dad dies but it all turns out okay when another guy adopts the kid. It was sort of sad. I can't place my finger on anything in particular that I specifically liked about the film, but nonetheless, it was a very good film.

Then we went home and my dad, Andy, and I finally beat that dang Roller Coaster level on Left 4 Dead 2! but we had to tone it down to normal from advanced in order to accomplish that. But, still, huzzah!