Christmas concert at the YMCA

Today I had a christmas choir concert at the YMCA in Tujunga. The choir was required to wear something Christmasy but I didn't really have anything like that, so I ended up wearing my mom's "Merry Kissmoose" sweater. haha pretty embarrassing. I tried to get my grandma to give me a ride to there, but for some odd reason she despises Tujunga and everything Tujunga related. Fortunately, Shunt and his sister gave me a ride over there. We got there about two hours early though, so we just hung around for a while. Eventually, the entire choir arrived and we put on a little show for the YMCA-goers that went splendidly and we stayed around for all the little activities that were goign on at the YMCA that day. Christiana, Shunt, and I went to the little petting zoo they had set up near the little kids' playground. they had sheep, goats, ducks, rabbits, and all sorts of cool animals. haha and we got some pictures with them too. Then we got a picture with the Santa they had there and took a few more picture outside.

All in all, it was pretty fun and we all had a good time. After having some fun at the YMCA, Shunt and I went back to his house and planned for our Spanish project. We think we'll do like a horror-murder mystery sort of thing or whatever while filming at a restaurant (which we are required to do). haha. After that we played Modern Warfare 2 and then my grand ma picked me up. It was a good day indeed.

Some pictures: